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Is It Legal to Barter With Marijuana?

Nintendo Reaches $12.2M Settlement With ROM Sites

Walmart Settles Lawsuit for Selling Gun Used in Murder by Neo-Nazi

Woman Sues Disneyland Hotel for Bedbug Bites

On-Call vs. OT: Do You Have to Pay Overtime for On-Call Employees?

Florida Judge: Voters Have Until Saturday to Validate Ballots

Homeless Vet GoFundMe Was a Hoax All Along; World Is Terrible

Can You Back Out of Joining the Military?

Rob Kardashian Can't Afford Child Support

How Much Will an Immigration Lawyer Cost?

Michael Avenatti Arrested, Hits Back on Domestic Violence Charges

Pabst v. MillerCoors: Battle of the Brews Heading to Trial

When Is It Too Late ... Another Roundup of 10 More Legal Deadlines

Over 20K DUI Cases in New Jersey May Be Tossed After Court Ruling

Victims of California Wildfire Sue Utility Company

FBI: Surge in Hate Crimes Largest Since 9/11

Avoid Cyberstalking During Divorce

NHL Settles Concussion Lawsuits for Under $20M

Airline Price Fixing Class Action Filed

Latest Celebrity 'Conscious Uncoupling' Divorce

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