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Cops Can't Force Phones Unlocked With Face and Fingerprints

3 Popular Side Hustles That Are (Still) Illegal

Domino's Pizza Ordered to Make Website Accessible

This Oreo Lawsuit Might Have Huge Implications for Cyber Insurance

What's a Violent Felony? Supreme Court Just Lowered the Standard

Consumer Protection Websites Are Down as Gov. Shutdown Continues

Federal Judge Blocks Employers From Opting Out of Birth Control Coverage

Chicago Airbnb Hosts Lack Standing in Class Action, Court Rules

When Is It Too Late to Sign Up for Obamacare?

When Should You Call the Police Over Hate Mail?

3 Tax Tips for Business Partnerships

Is U.S. Immigration Aiding Underage Sex Trafficking?

Construction Worker Sues for Disney Animal Kingdom Injury

Former Oregon Footballer Sues Coaches, School, NCAA for Workout Injuries

How Are Cops Collecting, Sharing Travel Patterns?

Iowa's 'Ag-Gag' Law Struck Down

Mandatory Court Fees Ruled Unconstitutional Against Poor Californians

Athlete's Suicide Blamed on Sorority Hazing in Lawsuit

What to Do If You Suspect Neighbors of Child Abuse

DC 'LOVE' Act Allows Marriage Licenses During Shutdown

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